Natural medicine

I have created a small, comfortable treatment room which is private, calming, quiet and offers a relaxed atmosphere. You will be given time to talk through your health and wellbeing concerns, while being listened to without judgement.

Interior of a house in UK used for homeopath consultations

Your first consultation can take up to one and a half hours. Generally, you will need a couple of follow up appointments, 3 to 4 weeks apart. These appointments usually take up to 45 minutes each.

I will ask to hear everything you can tell me about your medical condition, plus your full medical history. Homeopathy is a holistic therapy, so I will also want to know about you as a person, from birth to now; your likes, dislikes, how you react to stress and all the factors that make you an individual. I will be taking written notes and these are, of course, kept strictly confidential. There is no need for a physical examination.


This will help me to gain a clear understanding as to why you developed the symptoms in the first place; the more I get to know you the more success we will have in regaining your health and wellbeing.

It usually takes me a couple of days to analyse your case and decide on the prescription. I will then dispense the prescription and post to you with full instructions.

All medications are ordered from homeopathic pharmacies in the UK, and are derived from either plant, mineral or animal extracts.

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